Housing Maintenance & Building Maintenance

Reassurance of our delivery and management expertise is through the application of a quality management system, ISO 9001, incorporating a wide range of established and tested processes which we continually seek to improve.

Landmark ensures that an appropriate named Manager is appointed and empowered to lead on projects of this nature. They are responsible for undertaking full and proper liaison with the customers at all appropriate times.

For larger projects an additional member of the Contract team may be appointed to undertake the role of Liaison Officer. They are responsible for the day to day liaison with customers throughout the project for the purposes of maintaining good working conditions, relationship and access arrangements between ourselves and the customer. 

Once a programme has been developed and where the nature/scope of the works so warrants, the contract team will give good notice to customers before work commences.  Inform them of the need for any scaffolding, the likely duration and actual progress of the works with the aim of easing the burden of disruption to customers and their home.