Landmark Achievements International Trading & Contractinghas state of the art pipe spool fabrication facilities both in JUBAIL with latest international technologies.

Our particular fields of expertise are as follows:

  • Pipe fabrication, pipe racks, pipe supports, cement lined fittings, spectacle plates, & orifice plates
  • Structural steel fabrication to AISC and BS Standards
  • Knock-down storage tanks, shop fabricated horizontal or vertical tanks (flat or dished heads) to API 650 or clients' specifications
  • Pressure vessels to ASME VIII, Division I, maximum weight 20 tons
  • Ladders, platforms, stairs, stairways, and hand railing
  • Chimneys, power stacks, ducting, and flare tips
  • Sandblasting and painting

From client supplied design data, our Engineering Department can produce estimates, shop fabrication drawings, erection drawings and material take-off sheets.

Landmark Achievements International Trading & Contractingwelders are qualified in accordance with ASME SECTION IX.

Landmark Achievements International Trading & Contractingoperates an extensive welder-training program. The program is designed to upgrade the welders and qualify each welder’s skills required for specific weld procedure specifications.

Landmark Achievements International Trading & Contractingcomplies with the requirements of ASME SECTION 1, II (A, B, C & D), V AND VIII (DIVISIONS 1 & 2) AND SECTION IX, ASME B31.1 & B31.3. A.R.R BESHY Corporation STRUCTURAL PROCEDURESCOMPLY WITH AISC AND AWS D1.1.


Landmark Achievements International Trading & Contractingundertakes prefabrication of all types of piping of carbon, stainless & alloy steels as well as that of special ni-chrome materials (INCONEL, MONEL, INCOLOY, duplex, titanium, etc.). Aluminum fabrication is also undertaken. Valve seat resurfacing with hard welding materials like stellite is a specialty matched by very few in the kingdom. Reactor grids and internals are fabricated to custom design. Another specialty is prefabrication of industrial heater components (for erection by our construction group). Radiantcoils and tube bundles for radiant and convection sections are almost regularly fabricated at our workshop.

Pressure vessels of carbon, stainless & special alloys are also fabricated. We undertake heat exchanger fabrication as well as retubing and is equipped to handle carbonSteels, stainless, alloys and titanium tube materials.

All fabrication can be undertaken to ASME/other international codes as well as underASME code stamps.

In House NDT Capabilities

Established Procedures and Qualifications in accordance with ASME/ASNT and/or other applicable International standards are demonstrated and approved by the ASME Authorized Inspectors. These documents are available with QA/QC Department, for review.


  1. Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  2. Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) with Electric Resistance Method
  3. Dye Penetrant Testing (DPT)
  4. Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)
  5. Brinnel Hardness Testing (BHT)
  6. Ferrite Content Testing
  7. Positive Material Identification (PMI) machine, Master Pro & Master Plus analyzers including Carbon content measurement.
  8. Portable PMI Machine using Fluorescence Method
  9. Coating Thickness Measurements
  10. Adhesion test on coating surfaces