EHS Policy Statement

Landmark Achievements International Trading & Contractingpolicy is topromote a Safe and Healthy Environment in which our employees, visitors, customers and others can carry out their work. We aretotally committed to encouraging and implementing a pro–active and common sense approach to all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment.

 The Managing Director, the Management and Supervisory Team recognize that Occupational Safety, Healthand Environmental matters are of paramount importance and an integral part of business performance.Sufficient resources in finance and work force are available to ensure the pursuit of excellence inHealth, Safety and Environmental matters.

 The Management team is committed to achieving a high-level of compliance with all Legal requirements, Standards and Industry best practice.Implementation of Policy, Legal requirements and Industry best practice will be through the provision ofinformation, instruction and training.

 Landmark Achievements International Trading &Contracting hasa duty to consult and encourage active participation ofevery employee in promoting and maintaining a positive Health, Safety and Environmental culture. TheCompany will ensure that Risk Management is an integral part of task planning and that allWorkshops/Projects and equipment used is fit for purpose. All accidents and incidents investigated with appropriate actions taken to prevent recurrence.

Compliance and effectiveness of the Health and Safety Policy monitored through regular inspections and audit. The policy is regularly updated, reflecting any changes in the nature of the business, Legislation, Standards or Industry best practice. As a minimum, the policy will be reviewed on an annualbasis with revisions being brought to the notice of all employees.

 Employees will adopt a positive and pro-active approach to their own Health and Safety performance, andwill be held accountable for their performance and behavior. Every employee has the right to refuse towork where they consider the conditions unsafe to do so. They shall always report for work fit to undertake their duties, work safely and where identified report damage and unsafe conditions to theirSupervisor.




Managing Director